Global Mobility Visa

Global Mobility Visa

Since April 11th, 2022, the Home Office discontinued the popular intra-company transfer route. Consequently, it now offers the new Global Business Mobility route.

What are the Five Routes to attain the Global Mobility Visa?

There are now five different routes through which you can apply for the global mobility visa. These are as follows:-

Senior worker/specialist worker – This route is for senior managers or managers with a specific purpose who have been assigned to the UK office of their overseas employer for a fixed amount of time (i.e., a specific project).

Graduate trainee – This route is for graduate trainees who are contracted to work in the UK for a set period to complete a portion of their graduate training course.

UK expansion worker – This route is quite like the senior worker/specialist worker. As such, it is for an employee who is in the UK for a specific purpose. However, here the purpose is defined. The purpose must be to expand the business presence of their organisation in the UK.

Secondment worker – This is for employees undertaking temporary assignments in the UK as part of a ‘high-value’ contract. Alternatively, it may be via investment by their overseas employer. However, we are currently waiting for more guidance on what constitutes a ‘high-value’ contract or investment.

Service supplier – This is specifically for contracted service suppliers or self-employed professionals/freelancers. It applies if an overseas company employs them for a project/assignment in the UK.

How do I choose a route or qualify for a UK Business Visa?

Besides the five different routes, you can opt for the global business mobility route. In fact, there are many different criteria for each. For example, the need for a Certificate of Sponsorship differs for each one, as well as salary thresholds. This is also known as a CoS. These are options immigration specialists at Taylor Hampton will advise clients on. They require good knowledge of an individual’s special situation and a high level of experience and expertise.

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